About Me

My name is Natasha Neale and I am a photographer near Maidenhead. Photography is my great passion in life. I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years.
In this digital age, average photography has a throw away quality but great photography remains an art form and has an ability to capture a memory like no other medium. Whether it is capturing the beauty of a your newborn baby, capturing a smile on a child or the special moments of your wedding, great photography can be truly inspirational and that is my passion in life.

I am the leading fine art new born art photographer near Maidenhead. I work with babies less than 10 days old to create beautiful art which will be treasured for years to come.

Photography should also be fun. This is critical when working with families, which is also a specialism of mine. I have also worked for many years as a learning support mentor with underprivileged children. I understand how to engage children in photography and how to capture their cheeky characters. I’m CRB checked and work with schools using photography to aid learning.

As a photographer near Maidenhead I am captivated by the photogenic quality of water and all kinds of boats. I live on the Thames and have access to both a river boat and a yacht on the south coast. Boat photography has become part of my life along with my love of Classic cars which are also available during shoots.

Much of my photography does not involve a studio. It can be too constraining and false for me. Nature provides a never ending source of inspiring locations, and natural light is always available. People are best captured in more real life environments. I do have a professional studio which is in a wonderfully tranquil environment.

Please enjoy my portfolio and let me know what you think.